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Battling the elements in Iceland: 2 x Ecowash Extra systems

In a climate where sudden snow showers can break out in June, and an average annual temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, Vélafl, a machinery supplier in Iceland, needed a solution that would withstand extreme weather and prevent mud from getting deposited onto roads. Here’s what we delivered.


Day Group: Keeping one of the busiest routes in London safe and clean

Construction sites in urban areas, such as central London, face many health and safety challenges. One of these challenges is keeping public walkways and roads continually safe and clean when there are lots of site vehicles passing through every day.  Here’s how our team built the perfect wheel wash solution. 

Silvertown Tunnel: RiverLinx SPV

Here’s how we engineered an effective and efficient wheel washing solution to prevent mud from vehicles leaving the construction of the Silvertown tunnel from reaching roads and footpaths.