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Whether the sun is shining, or the rain is falling ensuring the cleanliness of the roads and highways is paramount as this helps to make a safer, more environmentally friendly, location.   

Be that proactive company today and contact us about our vehicle demucking solutions we can offer to suit your location. 

Whatever sector, no matter the size of the project, we will get you the perfect wheel washing solution. 

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As one of the first to design and manufacture the wheel wash, we’ve always been at the forefront of the industry. Today, our ground-breaking modular concept continues to offer some of the most economical, efficient and flexible systems available.

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With the largest rental fleet of wheel washing equipment in the country, we can respond quickly whatever you need.

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Need something more flexible? We rent many of our wheel washing systems too.

Sometimes the ideal solution doesn’t involve outright purchase. So, we have the largest fleet of wheel cleaning equipment for rental, complete with the exceptional service you’ve come to expect from Wheelwash and our emphasis on making sure you get the right wheel washing system for your site, vehicle traffic and budget.

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What sets us apart?

Our passionate people. We take care and pride in all we do. We know every site and every customer are unique. So, we make sure we understand exactly what you need, to provide the product that’s best for you – rather than whatever suits us. We design, engineer and supply the very best products on the market. Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency, reduce vehicle maintenance or be more environmentally responsible, you can be sure with us you’re in safe hands.

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Wheel wash FAQs

  • What is a wheel wash?

    Our wheel wash systems are placed at the egress points of construction, quarry, waste management, and other industrial sites, to prevent dirt and debris ending up on public roads and highways. A wheel wash saves you costs on hiring reactive solutions such as road sweepers and prevents legislative penalties.

    We also provide a range of Agriwash systems which are used to decontaminate vehicles and promote biosecurity best practice.

  • What types of wheel wash systems are available?

    The Wheelwash team design, install, and maintain a solution to meet your exact requirements. We plan the right wheel wash for you, from fully automated recycled-water spray systems to mobile, waterless and powerless systems that will clean tires through vibration. We offer inground or surface mounted wheel wash systems, and the option to adjust from high to low pressure.

    Wheelwash are also able to provide you with a vehicle disinfection system. This is a crucial biosecurity tool for sites handling livestock or poultry.

  • What types of vehicles can our wheel wash systems clean?

    Whether your site has lorries or cars, tipper trucks or HGVs, tractors or armoured vehicles, we can ensure you get the right wheel wash for your site. We build both high-pressure cleaning systems which will remove even the toughest dirt and debris from heavily-soiled vehicles, and gentler cleaning systems for less heavy-duty vehicle cleaning.

    Many of our wheel wash systems have been designed over the years for vehicles such as cars, 4×4 pick-ups, trains and off-highway trucks. We encourage you to talk with us about your needs.

  • Why choose Wheelwash?

    Wheel wash systems are often an essential piece of equipment for construction, mining, and landfill sites as they prevent mud, dirt, and debris from making roads dangerous and slippery.  

    But not all wheel wash systems are created equal. You need the right wheel wash for the right job. For most of our customers, it is not a question of whether they need a wheel wash, it is ‘which wheel wash is right for us?’  

    This is the main reason Wheelwash has remained the global leader in designing, manufacturing, and maintaining wheel wash systems. We know the right questions to ask to get the right wheel wash for the job at hand.  

    Our team get to know your needs. We visit your site to understand the type of ground material that will need to be cleaned, we will take the time to understand the type of vehicles that will be using the wheel wash, we’ll assess the timescales of your project, and so on, to build a bespoke package that ensures you will get the best cleaning performance in the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way. 

    This means you do not need to worry about planning where your wheel wash is going to be located, whether you should buy your wheel wash outright or rent it, if it’s portable, or even whether you need to connect power, water, use a decontamination spray, or anything else – we take care of the wheel wash and its maintenance care package, so you can focus on your day-to-day job.

    Browse our unmanned, automatic wheel wash systems here or contact our friendly team. 

  • What type of materials can your wheel wash systems remove?

    Our expert wheel wash systems withstand the elements. From extreme cold to deserts, and can wash away materials such as:

    • Coarse dirt & mud
    • Loam & peaty soil
    • Sandy soil
    • Chalky soil
    • Clay soil
    • Silty soil
    • Filth
    • Grime
    • Stone, gravel and aggregate
    • Dust

    The right wheel wash will depend on the material that needs to be removed. Our team will help you to get the right wheel wash for your site based on the level and type of soiling.