When a wheel wash system is a temporary installation, it makes financial sense to rent instead of buy. Wheelwash has the largest rental fleet of portable wheel washing equipment in the UK.

Outright purchase of a state-of-the-art wheel wash system can sometimes be prohibitive if the installation won’t be permanent. However, with Wheelwash you are able to quickly rent systems, making it economically viable, flexible and accessible when you need it.

When you rent a system from Wheelwash, you not only have access to the largest fleet, you also get the same exceptional service and support. Our team will take great care to understand exactly what you need and make sure you rent the most suitable system for your site space, vehicle traffic and budget. Even if you need a system quickly, having such a great selection of rental equipment available immediately means we can respond quickly to any changing situation.

All sites are different and with a weekly rental rate available on all our wheel wash systems, we can agree the right rental term for you, we’re here to help in any way we can.

All our wheel wash rental systems are specifically designed to be completely surface mounted. Their modular design means ZERO ground works with no excavation or inset needed prior to installation, enabling a fast set up and removal for minimal interruption to daily operations.

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Wheel wash systems made affordable

Every site is unique, which can make the option of renting extremely attractive. We offer weekly rates on our wheel wash systems, with a minimum rental length of just one week and no maximum limit. Your rental is as flexible as it needs to be.

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Wheelwash rental FAQs

  • Why hire a wheel wash?

    For many of our customers, hiring a temporary wheel wash provides the flexibility they need. It is a cost-effective service you can use to access high quality, wheel wash equipment. Our hiring service also means there are no storage costs, as our team will arrange for your wheel wash system to be collected when you no longer need it.

  • Which wheel wash systems are available to rent?

    We have the largest rental fleet of wheel wash systems in the UK. Our expert team will firstly assess your budget, requirements, and timescales.

    To find out which wheel wash systems are available to rent right now, contact our team.

  • How much does it cost to rent a wheel wash?

    The cost of renting a wheel wash varies on the actual system, maintenance requirements, customisations required, and the length of time you will need the wheel wash for. Our team will assess whether it’s more cost-effective for you to hire or buy your wheel wash outright.

  • How fast can I get my temporary wheel wash delivered?

    Wheelwash offer a fast and smooth wheel wash rental service – many of our customers can get a system within a week or two of the initial inquiry. This can be shorter or longer based on your unique circumstances and requirements.

  • Is there a minimum period I can rent a wheel wash for?

    Wheel wash rental is agreed on a week-by-week basis. Most customers find they need their temporary truck wheel wash system to be installed for several months.

  • What is the maximum period I can rent a wheel wash for?

    There is no maximum period. However, if the project is likely to last a long time, it may make more financial sense to buy your wheel wash, safe in the knowledge that we offer a buy-back scheme. Reduce, reuse and recycle is part of our business policy.

  • Can I customise my rental wheel wash?

    We will not send a wheel wash to your site unless we are completely confident that it is a good fit for you. Sometimes, we have a rental system which needs to be customised to make it suitable for your site.

  • Will Wheelwash still service and maintain my rental wheel wash?

    When you rent a wheel wash, we still offer a tailored service and maintenance package to make sure that your system is always operating as it should be. We also have a team of engineers who respond reactively to any needs should any part of your wheel wash need replacing in-between maintenance – whether it’s a nozzle or a control panel, our team aim to get your wheel wash back up and running as soon as possible. As we manufacture all our systems in Cheshire, we have all the parts available. Any repairs are normally very quick  and straightforward.