Safeguarding fisheries: Preventing disease spread through vehicle decontamination systems

Fisheries can be a breeding ground for aquatic diseases.

One way to prevent the spread of these diseases is by implementing vehicle decontamination systems at fisheries.

Contaminated vehicles are a common source of disease transmission in fisheries. Vehicles can carry pathogens, parasites, and other contaminants on their wheels and undercarriages. When these vehicles enter a fishery, they can introduce these contaminants into the water, potentially harming fish and other aquatic organisms.

By implementing vehicle wheel decontamination and wash systems, fisheries can prevent the spread of diseases and other contaminants. On our Ecowash range, high-pressure spray jets clean the wheels and undercarriages of vehicles. The wash water is then collected to ensure that it does not enter the fishery’s water supply.

In addition to preventing the spread of diseases, vehicle wheel wash systems can also help reduce sediment and nutrient pollution in fishery waters. Sediment and nutrient pollution can harm fish and other aquatic organisms by reducing water quality and depleting oxygen levels.

Vehicle wheel wash systems are an affordable and effective way to protect fisheries from the spread of diseases and other contaminants. They are easy to use and can be integrated into existing fishery operations. By implementing these systems, fisheries can help protect their fish stocks and the environment, ensuring a sustainable future for the fishing industry.

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