Facilities handling corrosive materials are at risk of contaminating the environment due to potential spillages or inadvertent leaching of products into nearby spaces. 

The concern arises when site vehicles, which may have come into contact with these chemicals, transfer residues from their wheels onto nearby roads, potentially causing contamination in the surrounding environment.  

To mitigate this risk, a chemical manufacturer based in Spain sought a bespoke solution from Wheelwash.  


Understanding the site’s requirements 

Considering the specific requirements of this site, Wheelwash collaborated closely with its internal departments to develop and present customised solutions. The goal was to ensure that the proposed solution would adhere to the company’s regulatory, health and safety, and environmental standards. The finalized solution underwent internal validation, with presentations made to various departments to confirm its alignment with the company’s requirements and standards. 



Bespoke ‘Wash-to-Waste’ solution 

Following a comprehensive examination of the client’s site requirements and technical specifications, a tailored ‘wash-to-waste’ wheel wash equipment was developed. 

Wheelwash’s off-the-shelf Ecowash range utilises a closed-loop system that recycles water, effectively filtering out mud particulates through an advanced filtration mechanism. However, the corrosive nature of the chemicals handled by the site necessitated a ‘wash-to-waste’ approach. In instances where a vehicle had come into contact with corrosive chemicals, the water could not be reused as it would become contaminated.  

Consequently, the client opted to construct a dedicated concrete pit to manage the waste separately. The tank will always be filled with new water to avoid potential contamination. 


End-to-end planning 

The Wheelwash team also conducted a thorough analysis to assess whether the corrosive chemicals could potentially cause damage to various components of the wheel wash system, including the pipes and the pump. The team not only provided preventative measures but also suggested adaptations to mitigate the risk of potential issues in the future. 


Fast manufacturing, smooth delivery  

Following the production of the 4m Excel equipped with a 15kw pump and a 6m3 tank at Wheelwash’s factory which is based in the UK, the equipment was promptly dispatched using a Euroliner truck to its designated facilities. Upon the completion of civil works, our engineers will be present on-site to manage a seamless installation and operation of the system. 


Have a bespoke requirement? 

In conclusion, if you have unique and specific requirements, Wheelwash manufactures all our systems at our UK factory. Leveraging our technical expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities, we can customize and incorporate a variety of technologies to meet the specific wheel washing needs of any site. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to explore tailored solutions for your project. 



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