In the heart of Europe, where football passion knows no bounds, one iconic stadium stands tall—the Camp Nou.  

Recognised as the largest stadium in Europe, Camp Nou is currently undergoing a transformative renewal and expansion project set to redefine the spectator experience. 

As a key supplier for this development, Wheelwash proudly plays a vital role in ensuring health, safety, and environmental sustainability. 



Renewal and expansion:  

The visionary project aims to breathe new life into Camp Nou, enhancing its capacity to approximately 105,000 spectators. Every nook and cranny of the stadium will be covered, creating an immersive and inclusive atmosphere for fans and visitors alike. This ambitious undertaking, slated for completion in 2025, is a testament to the commitment to providing an unparalleled football experience. 


Wheelwash’s contribution:  

Amidst the grandeur of Camp Nou’s renewal, Wheelwash stands as a key player as we have designed, manufactured and supplied two cutting-edge Ecowash Excel systems. These systems are integral for thorough wheel cleaning throughout the construction project. 


Ensuring clean roads and minimising environmental impact:  

The two Ecowash Excel systems are strategically placed to provide comprehensive wheel cleaning, preventing the transposition of mud onto local roads during the construction phase. This proactive approach not only safeguards public roads but also reflects our commitment to community well-being. 

Furthermore, the sophisticated water filtration system within the Ecowash Excel units ensures the responsible use of water. By facilitating water reuse in the wheel wash systems, we actively minimise environmental impact and significantly reduce water waste. This innovative feature aligns with our dedication to sustainable practices in large-scale developments. 




Wheelwash stands proud to be a partner in this prestigious development.  


Our commitment to health, safety, and environmental sustainability aligns seamlessly with the values of this iconic stadium.  


Together, we look forward to unveiling a renewed and expanded Camp Nou that not only sets the standard for football excellence but also stands as a beacon of responsible and forward-thinking stadium management.  


The journey towards a sustainable Camp Nou is a testament to the power of collaboration and shared commitment to excellence. 


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