For many energy and water sites, a wheel wash is a mandatory compliance requirement to prevent mud from onsite vehicles becoming a health and safety hazard for staff, visitors and members of the public.

Our team design, manufacture, install and maintain a wheel washing solution which is bespoke to your site. Whether your site is a solar farm, nuclear power station, or water treatment facility, request a free quotation today.

Sites across the globe rely on our wheel wash systems:


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Have you ever been to Hinkley Power Station? On exiting the site, our Ecowash Extreme would've caught your eye - it cleans the wheels of hundreds of vehicles every day to trap dirt and prevent mud from reaching the public roads. The bespoke 12m Ecowash Extreme recycles 46,500 litres of water, making this wheel wash a very powerful and efficient solution.

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Water treatment and energy production facilities opt for our wheel wash systems:

  • 5 times less water usage compared to manual methods
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Automation: No driver or operator intervention required
  • 100% flexible design: We design and manufacture the entire system so have complete flexibility to build it around you and your needs.
  • 50% less energy usage
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Fully customisable package: buy it, rent it, extend it, customise it, and a buy back option

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