Meet regulatory compliance, prevent contamination, and mitigate the risk of health and safety incidents with our wheel wash stations by cleaning the underbody of every vehicle before it leaves your site.

Our wheel wash stations provide a powerful spray of every vehicle. Once a vehicle is sprayed, wastewater is collected through the grids, preventing toxins from your site spreading onto roads, and seeping into groundwater and soil.

Waste management companies across the globe use our wheel wash systems

Prevent dirt and contamination spreading to roads.


Customer spotlight

Barr waste management

Barr are one of Scotland’s leading waste management companies, operating high quality waste treatment, recycling, and residual disposal facilities. Here’s how we provided a bespoke solution to keep their customer’s vehicles clean:

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Why Wheelwash?

Minimise impact on the environment: Reuse, reduce, recycle

Our business model is focused on minimising impact on the environment.

Not only do our systems reuse and recycle water for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution, we build a solution around you. Whether you want to buy your system outright or lease it, extend it or customise the design, we will make sure it works for the space, vehicles, and project. And if you find you no longer need your wheel wash, we’ll even buy it back from you.

Waste management and landfill sites opt for our wheel wash systems because they deliver:

  • 100% flexible design: We design and manufacture the entire system so have complete flexibility to build it around you and your needs.
  • Automation: No driver or operator intervention required
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • 50% less energy usage
  • 500% (on average) less water usage compared to manual methods
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Fully customisable package: buy it, rent it, extend it, customise it, and a buy back option

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