Biosecurity measures to protect equine health and prevent the spread of diseases among horses

Equine influenza is a highly contagious virus that can cause elevated temperature, depression, loss of appetite, and other symptoms in horses. With only 40% of horses in the UK currently vaccinated against it, it’s important to take biosecurity measures to prevent contamination at your yard.

One effective way to reduce the risk of diseases such as equine influenza is by disinfecting all vehicle wheels and wheel arches. Agriwash vehicle wheel disinfection systems are designed to automate this process, misting all site traffic (including feed trucks, waste vehicles, and employee cars) before it arrives on site. This helps to prevent harmful pathogens from being transported onto your premises and infecting your horses.

Agriwash systems are unique in that they provide a powerful misting of the entire underside of the vehicle, ensuring thorough decontamination. They also use a sensor to detect when a vehicle is present and automatically provide an even misting as the vehicle drives through.

These systems can be installed either set into the ground like a cattle grid/drive over gate system or placed anywhere. Simply add your preferred decontamination solution, place Agriwash at your site entrance, and our team can maintain the system on your behalf.

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