Our most environmentally-friendly system that requires no power or water to operate.

The system is made up of two road sections, each 4m long with 3m entry ramps, all made from heavy duty steel. Traffic barriers give a visual aid to drivers as well as twin interlocks to allow for a speedy installation and a secure attachment at both ends. Virtually maintenance-free, the Ecoramp is suitable for up to 8 wheeled vehicles in standard format or articulated vehicles with additional horizontal sections and uses the vibration effect created by vehicles driving over an inverted steel angle to clean tyres.

In 5-6 slow wheel rotations, the motion flexes open tyre treads letting the dirt fall straight to the ground. It’s easy to install and relocate, with very little maintenance needed making it perfect for remote sites.

A cost-effective solution ideally suited to sites where budget is a big concern.

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Key properties

The Ecoramp comes in 18m and 22m versions for articulated vehicles, though the format allows for any length of ramp to suit specific site requirements.

Highly flexible

Low maintenance

Environmentally friendly


Can resist 10,000 kilos per axle as standard

Maintenance + Servicing

Our comprehensive on-site training, flexible maintenance contracts and technical support is designed to make sure you get optimum performance from your wheel wash.

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In the unlikely event of on-site problems, every Wheelwash customer has a direct contact number for one of our trained engineers to minimise any costly downtime.

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With the largest rental fleet of wheel washing equipment in the country, we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to provide you with a system that works for your site.

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When a site is finished, typically a wheel wash system still has many years of life left in it – so in many cases we’ll offer to buy it back.

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  • What is a dry wheel wash system?

    A dry wheel wash system is an innovative solution designed to clean vehicle wheels without using water.

    The Ecoramp system works by using rumble strips to flex the tyre treads, releasing dirt and other debris.

    Ecoramp is made up of two road sections for wheels of the vehicle to drive onto. Two ramps assist entry and access to the system.

    The heavy-duty steel structure can resist 10,000 Kilos per axle, but we can adjust the design to work for you.

    Rumble grids are designed to gently vibrate a vehicle as it rides over it, removing debris from the wheels of the vehicle. By expanding the tread of the tyres, lodged dirt is removed. This helps to reduce the environmental impact of your project and keep nearby roadways clean.


  • What customisation options are available?

    Ecoramp is available in both 18m and 22m lengths to allow for three or four full-wheel rotations.

    As we have our own manufacturing facility, we can extend this even further or fabricate an entirely bespoke system.

  • What type of sites use Ecoramp?

    Ecoramp is a portable, cost effective, and virtually maintenance-free unit that removes mud, dirt and debris from the tyres of job site vehicles.

    For remote sites that need to comply with local authority regulations but don’t have access to water or power, talk to Wheelwash today about Ecoramp.

    When placed at the egress points of construction sites, Ecoramp can provide substantial savings on job-site clean-up costs.

    Ecoramp is a popular choice for construction sites and national parks. It can be both above ground as portable stations or inset into the ground.

  • Are the dry wheel wash ramps easy to maintain?

    Yes, these systems are designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance. Regular inspections and basic upkeep ensure consistent performance.

  • Can I choose between inset, above ground, or portable options for the wheel wash system?

    A: Absolutely! Our wheel wash system is designed to be versatile and adaptable. Whether you prefer the space-saving benefits of an inset system, the flexibility of an above-ground installation, or the portability of a mobile unit, we can customise the solution to meet your specific requirements. Enjoy the freedom to choose the configuration that best suits your needs for efficient and tailored wheel cleaning.