Vehicle decontamination is important at border control to prevent the spread of diseases and pests that could have a negative impact on agriculture and the environment. If a vehicle traveling across the border is carrying produce that is infested with pests, those pests could potentially spread to other areas and damage local crops. Similarly, if a vehicle is carrying animals that are carrying diseases, those diseases could potentially spread to other animals or even to humans. By decontaminating vehicles at the border, authorities can help to prevent the spread of these types of hazards.

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To protect human and animal safety, NFCSO required a system that would disinfect cargo trucks crossing the border.

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Agriwash is a popular tool for vehicle decontamination:

  • Biosecurity controls can help to reduce contamination of infection 44 times.
  • Fast to install, easy to maintain.
  • Decontaminates vehicle wheels and underbody in seconds.
  • Add your preferred decontamination solution.
  • A single unit can decontaminate hundreds of vehicles a day.

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