A revamped urban transportation system in Santiago

In line with Chile’s Transportation Master Plan to revamp urban transportation in the Santiago Metropolitan Region, a pivotal project involving the construction of a 5.2-kilometer expressway, including a tunnel beneath Metro Line 4, is being undertaken.

As part of the environmental requirements, the awarded construction company sought a solution to prevent site vehicle-related mud run-off on adjacent public roads, leading them to enlist Wheelwash’s services.

What the client wanted

The company emphasised reliability and sought references from our Chilean clientele, where our extensive portfolio solidified our reputation.

Addressing their site needs, we proposed the Ecowash Excel system. The Excel is a robust model made up of a 4m wash platform with optional 3m ramps. The system recycles 19,000L of water on a continuous loop, reducing water use and improving environmental footprint. Furthermore, the automated features, such as sensors, eliminate the need for an operator and improve site safety.

On this site, the units are designated for use by tipper trucks with a variable frequency.

Seeing results: 

Initially, the contractor procured one unit, but after seeing the results and performance of the Ecowash Excel, they subsequently invested in two more for other areas of the construction site.

The project

Scheduled for inauguration in 2028, this monumental project entails an investment of $815 million and is expected to generate approximately 1,500 new jobs monthly.

Made-to-order and shipped

Manufactured at our Winsford factory, the units were dispatched in a 40ft shipping container to the Port of San Antonio. From there, they were transported to the metropolitan region of Santiago for installation, ensuring seamless integration into the project’s operations.

This endeavour underscores our commitment to facilitating sustainable urban development by providing effective solutions that adhere to stringent environmental standards.

Through our innovative wheel wash systems, we are contributing to mitigating mud tracking and fostering cleaner, safer urban landscapes in Chile’s burgeoning urban centers.


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