Protecting our forests and environment: Vehicle decontamination solutions for forestry sites

Forestry sites play a critical role in our environment by managing and preserving our forests.

However, with the increase in global trade and movement of goods, there has been a rise in the spread of diseases that can devastate our trees.

This is why it’s essential to decontaminate vehicles that enter and leave forestry sites to prevent the spread of diseases.

Contamination can occur when vehicles enter a forestry site with contaminated soil or plant material. The contaminated material can be carried on the vehicle’s tyres, undercarriage, and even on the body of the vehicle.

Once the contaminated vehicle leaves the site, it can transport the disease to other areas, causing widespread damage.

Vehicle washing and decontamination for forestry sites:
Wheelwash provides a range of solutions that decontaminate or wash the wheels and underbody of vehicles.


Our Ecowash range are high-pressure, high-performance wheel washing systems that provide a powerful solution to remove contaminants from heavily-soiled vehicles, including dirt, mud and plant material.


Our Agriwash range provide a gentle misting of decontaminant solutions evenly across the underbody of vehicles that help to prevent the transmission of diseases.


Our team will work with you to determine the best solution for your forestry site. Wheelwash helps forestry sites to prevent the spread of diseases and protect our trees. In addition to protecting our forests, decontaminating vehicles with Agriwash also helps prevent the spread of diseases that can impact agriculture and other industries. It’s an effective and affordable way to prevent the spread of diseases and protect our environment.


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