In environments where wash systems operate, it’s important to consider the potential presence of Legionella, a bacteria known for causing Legionnaires’ disease when inhaled in tiny water droplets.


At Wheelwash, we offer a Legionella testing frequency program and control plan tailored not only for your Wheelwash system but also for all vulnerable areas on your site susceptible to Legionella contamination.

Legionella water testing service

Legionella poses a significant health risk, causing a lung infection that can lead to severe illnesses such as Legionnaires’ disease. Symptoms range from high fever and cough to shortness of breath, muscle aches, and headaches. In severe cases, Legionella infection can progress to pneumonia, especially endangering individuals with weakened immune systems or underlying health conditions.

Global Impact: Legionella-related illnesses result in hundreds of thousands of hospitalisations worldwide annually. Prevention is crucial to reduce the incidence of Legionnaires’ disease and protect public health.

Preventive measures: Given the potential severity of Legionella-related illnesses, preventive measures and safety protocols are imperative. Legionella thrives in stagnant water, making it crucial to address this risk in systems where water might become stationary.

Wheelwash Legionella testing program:  Tailored frequency program: Wheelwash offers a personalised Legionella testing frequency program. This program extends beyond our equipment to cover all areas on your site that are susceptible to Legionella contamination.

Comprehensive control plan: Our services include the development of a detailed control plan. This plan is designed to proactively address and mitigate the risk of Legionella growth, ensuring the safety of your water systems.

Stagnant water risk mitigation: Stagnant water is a known risk factor for Legionella growth. Wheelwash’s testing program and control plan address this risk, incorporating measures to prevent water stagnation in pipes, tanks, and other water systems.

Test all water on site

Wheelwash not only prioritises the testing and prevention of Legionella within our equipment but extends our services to cover all Legionella testing requirements on your site.

Protect health on site

Our commitment to water treatment services ensures a safer environment, minimising the risk of Legionella contamination and protecting the health of individuals within and around your facility.

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