As one of the first to design and manufacture the wheel wash, we’ve always been at the forefront of the industry. Today, our ground-breaking modular concept continues to offer some of the most economical, efficient and flexible systems available.

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Wheelwash systems are simply designed yet effective in use, robustly engineered to last a minimum of 10 years with few moving parts for maximum efficiency.

High pressure, targeted spray configurations deliver a fast and efficient 20 to 30-second wash, and a closed loop system recycles up to 90% of the water used. They’re fully automated too and use little or no power with up to 50% cost savings via the inverter.

Our systems offer the ultimate flexibility, with standard and bespoke options available inset or surface-mounted and are easy to install and maintain with rapid relocation when required. In short, every Wheelwash system is designed and engineered to drive productivity, efficiency and safety on-site.

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Disinfection Systems

Specifically designed for the agricultural and food processing industries, Agriwash automatic vehicle disinfectant systems stop harmful diseases being transferred on vehicle tyres using a compact, fully transportable system.

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Agriwash is unique. Designed for use in pig & poultry farms, fisheries, abattoirs, cattle markets and similar locations, it’s a completely surface mounted system that can either be easily moved from one location to another to offer complete flexibility or inset into a prepared foundation.

Its strategic nozzle configuration cleans the complete outer and undercarriage of a vehicle’s wheel, including those of articulated wagons, while its heavy-duty PVC side screens and shallow collection tray beneath the wash deck collect and retain contaminated wash water for safe and controlled disposal – a key feature of this advanced system.

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Cleaning System

Combat contamination and keep your working areas as clean as possible.

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When managing a site, it’s important to think about how each individual worker can improve site hygiene. Our boot cleaning systems ensure that debris isn’t spread by the movements of workers. We can cut your staff room cleaning costs and remove the need for your workers to manually clean their footwear, preventing the unwanted transfer of potentially hazardous materials.

It’s easy-to-use, easily installed and can be adapted to fit any site-specific needs. A major concern on any site is safety, which is why we supply boot wash systems that can deliver a high standard of hygiene consistently, even in the most challenging of conditions, allowing workers to feel completely confident in the effectiveness of our systems.

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Our Wheelwash and Agriwash Disinfection Systems have been used in a huge variety of diverse applications across the world, from construction sites to farms and quarries to ports, cleaning vehicles from earth-movers to road trains. The industries we’re proud to serve include mining, waste management, energy, water, forestry, ports, infrastructure and logistics.

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