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When managing a site, it’s important to think about how each individual worker can improve site hygiene. Our boot cleaning systems ensure that debris isn’t spread by the movements of workers. We can cut your staff room cleaning costs and remove the need for your workers to manually clean their footwear, preventing the unwanted transfer of potentially hazardous materials.

It’s easy-to-use, easily installed and can be adapted to fit any site-specific needs. A major concern on any site is safety, which is why we supply boot wash systems that can deliver a high standard of hygiene consistently, even in the most challenging of conditions, allowing workers to breathe a little easier confident in the effectiveness of our systems.

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Since our foundation in 1990, we’ve always been at the forefront of wheel wash design – and remain so to this day. Our highly specialised and vastly experienced team of engineers install all our systems. Our products are constantly being developed and evolved to suit ever-changing market conditions and demands.

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Bootwash FAQs:

  • What is a Bootwash?

    A stand-alone boot washing station provides an area for site operatives and visitors to clean off their footwear before entering clean zones – such as site cabins, newly constructed buildings, and staff rooms. The Wheelwash Bootwash keeps your sites in good condition by preventing dirty footprints along with the problem of premature wear and tear on carpets and flooring associated with constant deep cleaning of mud.  

    The system is fitted with a water feed, hose, and hose spray brush to provide a complete clean of muddy boots.  

  • Why use a Wheelwash Bootwash?

    Wheelwash’s Bootwash stations are an innovative way to prevent mud from footwear ending up in tidy work areas. Unlike manual Bootwash systems, our Bootwash prevents mud and dirty water ending up all over yourself or the environment. Our boot cleaning stations are ideal for construction sites, farmers, factory workers – you name it!  

    Our stations are high quality and eye-catching which not only means staff and site visitors are unlikely to walk straight by, it promotes a culture of health and safety best practice.  

    Stack several Bootwash systems together for very busy sites, or place one outside every building.  

    Wastewater is pumped out so contaminated water is not seeped directly into the ground.  


  • How do I maintain the Bootwash?

    The Bootwash requires minimal ongoing maintenance. It is easy to maintain as the water feeds through the system every time it is used. When the brushes eventually need replacing, this is an easy task as each brush can be unscrewed and replaced.  

  • How do I use Bootwash as a biosecurity measure?

    Farms and factories use Bootwash in their clean zones to prevent disease contamination being carried on- or off-site from footwear. There is an option to add your choice of disinfectant solution.  

  • How resilient is this Bootwash?

    Our Bootwash lasts years and years on even the busiest of construction sites. Bootwash is manufactured from the highest quality materials for unrivalled performance and long-lasting use. The waterlines are made from stainless steel and the main unit is from UV stable moulded polyethylene. The units are lightweight, but heavy-duty to withstand extreme weather conditions. 


  • How do you use Bootwash?

    Bootwash is simple to use. You do not need to wait to fill it up and you do not need to remove your shoes, simply turn the tap on and pop your shoe into the three brushes. Use the handheld brush which hoses water through to give shoes an extra scrub. Once you are happy the shoe is clean, turn off the water. Wastewater from the reservoir below will be removed through the waste pipe.