Efficient, effective, environmentally friendly modular drive-through wheel wash systems. Wheelwash vehicle cleaning systems have been specifically designed to offer you significant energy, water and operational cost savings, together with easy maintenance for minimum downtime.

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The Wheelwash range covers a wide range of sizes and formats depending on your site, the space available and the vehicles to be cleaned, from the ever popular Ecowash Excel 4m wash platform to the Ecowash Extreme’s 12m platform with 55,000+ litre water recycling tank.

As well as the spray wash systems, the Ecobath is a simple drive-through bath system while the Ecoramp drive-over ramp system works on the vibration effect to shake the dirt from tyres and therefore needs no power or water and is virtually maintenance-free.

All our systems are designed to be modular for total flexibility, so we can use any combination of ramps, wash platforms, recycling tanks and pumps to make sure you always have the ideal solution.

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Wheelwash Engineering

Since our foundation in 1990, we’ve always been at the forefront of drive-through wheel wash design – and remain so to this day. Our highly specialised and vastly experienced team of engineers install all our systems. Our products are constantly being developed and evolved to suit ever-changing market conditions and demands.

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Maintenance + Servicing

Making sure your Wheelwash system remains effective and economical is easy with our full service maintenance contracts. Regular site visits to monitor component condition identify potential problems early, to minimise the risk of equipment failure and costly site shutdowns.

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All Wheelwash products are manufactured to the highest standards. But in the event of an issue or breakdown, we offer a direct line to our technical support team plus an on-site repair service from trained engineers to minimise any subsequent downtime.

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Wheelwash has the largest fleet of vehicle cleaning equipment for rent, complete with the exceptional service you’ve come to expect from Wheelwash, so you can get the right wheel washing system for your site, vehicle traffic and budget.

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Many Wheelwash systems are used on sites that are, naturally, complete before the end of the product’s working lifespan – in which case, we’ll often offer to buy back the system for refurbishment and re-use. For a quote, simply contact our team.

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If you need an individually-designed solution, the designers at Wheelwash have vast experience of supplying bespoke equipment for all sizes and types of installation worldwide.

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Assessment +

Our wide-ranging experience and knowledge means we can provide full consultation services and project assessments to help you find the ideal solution.

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Drive-through wheel wash system FAQs:

  • What is a drive-through wheel wash system?

    A drive-through wheel wash system is an automated facility designed for cleaning the wheels of vehicles as they drive through. It helps to remove dirt, mud, and other contaminants from the wheels, improving overall cleanliness.


  • What types of vehicles are suitable for Wheelwash's drive-through wheel wash systems?

    Our drive-through wheel wash system is designed to accommodate a diverse range of vehicles, ensuring effective and thorough cleaning. The system is suitable for:

    1. Rigid Wagons: Our wheel wash system is equipped to clean the wheels of rigid wagons efficiently.
    2. Articulated Vehicles: Whether you have articulated lorries or other articulated vehicles, our system is designed to handle the unique wheel configurations of these vehicles.
    3. Excavators: Construction equipment, including excavators, can benefit from the effective wheel cleaning provided by our system.
    4. Tractors/Diggers: Agricultural machinery such as tractors and diggers can be driven through our wheel wash system to remove dirt and debris from their wheels.
    5. Lorries/Trucks: Whether you operate lorries or trucks of varying sizes, our system is capable of providing thorough wheel cleaning for optimal vehicle hygiene.
    6. Front End Loaders: For businesses utilizing front end loaders, our system ensures that these heavy-duty vehicles maintain clean wheels as they pass through.
    7. Heavy Use Tipper Lorries: Our wheel wash system is particularly effective for heavy-use tipper lorries, removing mud and contaminants for improved safety and functionality.
    8. Trailers: Trailers of different types and sizes can be easily accommodated in our drive-through wheel wash system, enhancing overall cleanliness.
    9. Military Vehicles: In addition to civilian vehicles, our system is suitable for cleaning military vehicles, meeting the rigorous standards required for various applications.

    Our team collaborates with you to tailor the solution based on the type of vehicle you need to wash, ensuring that our system meets your unique requirements. If you have specific vehicle types not mentioned here, please reach out, and we can discuss customized solutions to suit your needs.

  • How do your drive-through systems manage run-off water?

    Our drive through wheel wash systems effectively manage runoff water through a comprehensive process designed for environmental responsibility and water conservation. As the vehicle traverses the system, all runoff water, containing contaminants and debris from the wheels, is meticulously collected. This dirty wash water flows down the slope within the system’s base, directed towards the sump, which serves as a central collection point. Subsequently, a pumping mechanism transports the collected water and waste back to the tank for further processing, establishing a closed-loop system that promotes water reuse. Upon reaching the settlement tank, the dirty water, along with debris, is deposited as the water level rises. Inside the tank, the water and silt flow over a series of weir plates, slowing down the flow and allowing heavier solids to settle at the bottom. Baffle plates are strategically placed to prevent smaller particles from floating across the top, enhancing the separation process. This standardised settlement process ensures consistent water treatment across all our systems, with variations only in tank size or quantity. Larger tanks or increased settlement volume result in higher water quality at the point of discharge. The benefits of Wheelwash’s solutions lie in their commitment to environmental stewardship, promoting sustainability, and delivering reliable water quality throughout the system’s operation.

  • Will we need excavation work for our wheel wash?

    Whether excavation work is needed for our drive-through wheel wash systems entirely depends on your specific requirements. If you prefer the system to be built in the ground, we can tailor the design to accommodate that preference. In this case, excavation work would be part of the installation process to create the necessary infrastructure. On the other hand, if you opt for an above-ground system, excavation work may not be required.

    Our dedicated team will guide you through the entire process, discussing your preferences and site specifications to determine the most suitable placement for the drive-through wheel wash system. The goal is to ensure optimal functionality and convenience while aligning with your site’s layout and operational needs. The perfect placement on the site involves considering factors such as traffic flow, accessibility, and integration with existing infrastructure. Whether above ground or built in-ground, our team is committed to delivering a solution that meets your unique requirements and provides effective wheel cleaning for various types of vehicles.