Wheelwash strengthens position in the Baltics


The Baltics are well-known for their breath-taking landscapes, cold weather, and production of all sorts of advanced machinery, food, and textiles. So it was only fitting that Wheelwash strengthened our position in the region by teaming up with a local business.


Alfredas Vybernaitis, the owner and founder of Inertus, provides intelligent dredging, mining and recycling solutions across Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


Becoming part of the Wheelwash group enables Inertus to provide clients with a unique portfolio of end-to-end site management solutions. Alfredas Vybernaitis said: “By becoming part of Wheelwash, we can deliver even more innovative solutions and technologies for our clients that will help them to protect the environment and improve safety on roads from construction sites, waste management centres and quarries.”


Watch video: Wheelwash in numbers – a global specialist in wheel washing systems


Wheelwash designs and manufactures all of our wheel wash systems from Cheshire in the UK. We have a dedicated exports team who ensure that every system is safely and securely shipped to any location in the world. From China to Chile, America to Australia, Wheelwash are a global team with local representatives who help to provide our best-in-class wheel wash solutions to businesses anywhere in the world.


Our wheel wash designs have been perfected over the past 30 years. We have delivered wheel wash solutions for 100’s of construction, quarry and infrastructure projects. The knowledge of the team makes Wheelwash a global specialist that provide the best wheel cleaning solutions whilst minimising environmental footprint. Every system is expertly engineered and tailored to meet the site’s unique requirements.


Watch video: Wheelwash in action: Each wheel wash system is perfectly tailored to meet the site’s unique requirements


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