An ambitious infrastructure project in China has set a new standard for construction site safety and cleanliness by choosing Wheelwash’s state-of-the-art wheel wash system.

The system was specified by an Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contractor who had previously seen the quality and performance of another Wheelwash.

The massive project needed a wheel wash system that could clean the wheels and underbody of up to 50 articulated vehicles a day, and withstand a highly variable climate.

Jose Luis Ordas, the Exports expert at Wheelwash, co-ordinated the project and delivery. He said that due to the articulated vehicles and highly variable climate, the best wheel wash solution would be to inset an Ecowash Excel Plus. This would provide reliable, efficient, high-performance vehicle wheel cleaning.

Ecowash Excel Plus has 11 strategically placed water delivery pipes, spraying narrow fans of water with up to 4 bar pressure. As a vehicle drives onto the wheel wash, it automatically washes the underbody of the vehicle. The system limits impact on the environment by reducing water use by operating on a closed-loop water recycling system. Particles and heavier solids are continually filtered out through a series of baffle plates and weir plates to ensure high performance.

After the system was manufactured to order in the UK, it was then shipped over 11000 miles to Shanghai. The Ecowash Excel Plus was then swiftly delivered to the plant, located in Henan Province.

Jose Luis Ordas added: “Due to our unique modular concept, our wheel wash system can easily be shipped and installed anywhere in the world.”

The client was delighted by the level of service, speed of delivery and performance of the system.

A process engineer at the EPC contractor, Phoenix Zhu, said “We’re delighted to feedback to you that our wheel wash system is already installed and it’s running very well.”

It’s the ideal design for the articulated vehicles that are using it, and it always provides a thorough clean. The client has been very impressed by the level of service and the quality of the wheel wash system.

For any EPC contractors working on large, complex projects, our team are able to design, manufacture and deliver a high-performance wheel wash system to your site, anywhere in the world.


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