“I went to a site recently to visit a customer who was having issues with three of their wheel wash systems they were renting from another company.  

We could spot instantly that the systems weren’t optimum for this customer, so we swapped all three for a single 4m Ecowash Excel for the remainder of their project.  

The customer reported that our system was handling the traffic of vehicles and the roads were clean of mud and debris.” 

Martin Hadzik, Sales at Wheelwash  


Getting the wrong wheel wash on your site causes endless issues. Downtime, expensive running costs, inefficient use of resources, and poor performance are just some of the issues our team sees on sites after other providers supply the wrong wheel wash for the job.  

At Wheelwash, our business is focused on designing, building, and maintaining wheel wash systems. By understanding the volume of site traffic, location of the site, space available, and even the type of mud in your local area, we get you a solution that works.  

And we’ve been doing it for over 30 years. Our wheel wash systems are used every day in over 30 countries, cleaning 1,000,000+ truck wheels every year.  

We’re incredibly proud of what we do. This is why our core value is ‘Built with Pride.’  

Below are 5 things the team shared with us that they’re proud of this week, what Built with Pride means for the team, and why our team think customers choose Wheelwash.  


1. Tiffany Payne, Customer Service Liaison Coordinator 

“Built with Pride for me means that from the moment our customer contacts us through to building, delivering, and maintaining their wheel wash, we deliver above our customer’s expectations.  

From a customer service perspective, we go the extra mile to resolve customer enquiries as quickly as possible. The other day a customer had an issue with a unit, this was reported and solved within ten minutes. 

I’m always immensely proud when I see our customer’s wheel wash systems on-site.” 


2. Jack Cunnington, Senior Design Engineer  

“Built with Pride is about offering the best solution for our customers. It’s British Manufacturing quality, customisations and bespoke capability, our brand, our promise to customers, and continuous improvement. 

“I am so proud of the products that we produce. I would never send a customer a product I wouldn’t be happy to receive myself. Every unit has the same level of care, no matter where it’s going. There are of course always improvements, at the moment I’m looking at ways I can make the wheel wash systems even easier to operate so we eliminate human error.” 


3. Alison Galley, Head of Sales 

“Built with Pride for me is about our quality manufacturing, from a small team in Cheshire. It’s about taking a customer’s order and planning it with design, building the wheel wash from scratch in a factory right here, and then seeing it fully operational on site.  

Each location is different, and every unit provided has been meticulously designed to meet that exit point’s location. 

This week, I’ve been spending a lot of my time helping HS2 with their bespoke wheel wash system. This is a huge high-profile job, but I do get equally as excited by the wheel wash systems we provide for sites all over the world.” 


4. Ian Jolly, Managing Director 

“Built with Pride for me is that we don’t just supply a customer once. We look after our customers and make sure they come back time and time again if they are managing another site or moving jobs.  

For example, we recently sent out nine Agriwash units to Lithuania, it was a multinational client and a repeat client. I am proud that we supply the HS2 project with so many units, mainly because we have taken the time to understand the customer’s needs and we never let them down.” 


5. Laurel Hoare, Operations Co-ordinator 

“I’m proud to work for Wheelwash because over the past thirty years we’ve become something of a household name for wheel wash systems.  

I’m proud of our customer satisfaction feedback. This week I’ve had a lovely email from a customer praising the performance of the system.”  


What you should do now:  

Our expert team are completely committed to getting you the best solution for your site.  

Our team, products, and services are Built with Pride.  

For more information about our recent projects, visit our projects page: Projects Archive – Wheelwash.