We recently shared five things our team said make them feel proud about working at Wheelwash. 

Here are five more!


1. Thomas Manning, Accounts Administrator 

“Built with Pride is about consistently providing a reliable, trustworthy, and quality experience for our customers.  

We care about our reputation in the industry. This isn’t just about how we treat our customers, but how we treat our suppliers. We buy local where possible and value our relationships. I’m proud that we’ve been able to source all our materials and services locally, from suppliers that are almost exclusively from the North of England.” 


2. Fred Bentley, Senior Engineer 

“Built with Pride for me means that we do the job right. We install the best possible equipment and this leaves our customers happy.  

So for example, we’ve recently installed a system for HS2. The customer was very satisfied with the service provided and the quality of our wheel wash.” 


3. Terry Sheridan, Head of Production  

“Built with Pride for me means being best in class. It’s manufacturing something we are very proud of, and getting immense satisfaction from meeting customer requirements.  

Every time a new unit leaves our factory, I get a sense of pride that the whole team have done a great job. Quality, cost, and delivery are something we take great pride in and are always challenging ourselves to improve.” 


4. Jose Luis Ordas, Export Sales Coordinator 

“Built with Pride for me is about respect and appreciation. We’re the experts in wheel wash systems and our industry reputation relies on us continually doing a good job.  

Recently, we have provided five sanitary control posts to be built in Angola in the context of livestock farming. It will contribute to the economic growth of Angola with a focus on food security and sustainable development.” 


5. Karen Arrowsmith, Support Desk Administrator 

“Built with Pride for me is knowing that the products we’re manufacturing right here in Cheshire are the best in the industry.  

This week I had an email from Balfour Beatty after recent service visit and they were so happy with our engineers who had visited them and provided a great service.”  



Enjoyed these snippets from our team?

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