A wheel wash should wash wheels well time and time again, for as long as you need it, every time you need it. However, if the wrong wheel wash is installed you will notice issues with the cleaning and decontamination performance.  

Our team are experts at ensuring your wheel wash works perfectly, all the time. 

Here are four mistakes you need avoid when choosing your wheel wash.  

1. The wrong wheel wash for the wrong job. 

As we discussed last month, there is a lot which goes into ensuring your wheel wash is perfect for your needs.  

The right wheel wash for the right site will clean the wheels to an immaculate standard every time. Get the wrong system and you will find dirt and grit get stuck in the system, resulting in a poor clean and potential contamination issues.   

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2. Buying when you should hire. Hiring when you should buy.  

If you only need a wheel wash for a few weeks or months, renting can be a cost effective and practical solution. Buying a system outright requires a larger initial investment, but our buyback scheme can help to recoup costs and does our part in diverting wheel wash systems from going to landfill. Our systems are designed to last decades.  We can help you to choose the most cost-effective option.  

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Wheel wash system by Wheelwash Ltd

3. Forgetting maintenance and servicing.

Every wheel wash should be properly maintained and serviced to keep it working in top condition. Wheelwash Ltd offer a full-service maintenance contract to ensure your equipment works, and will continue to work at peak performance. Our certified installation and repair team offer four visits per year where we will inspect your system and undertake any services such as cleaning water tanks, providing training, delivering any spare parts, and advising on silt management processes.  

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Ecowash Ecoramp

4. Forgetting what it will look like to site visitors. 

A wheel wash is one of the first things visitors to your site will see when they enter or leave your site. A powder coated wheel wash looks professional and will help give the right impression to your site visitors. It also helps embed the safety-first mindset for employees. A flimsy, rusty wheel wash certainly doesn’t give off the same impression.

If possible, we encourage our customers to visit our factory location in Cheshire. We use the latest technology so the quality and performance of your wheel wash is the best in the industry.  

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What you should do now: 

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