Now in the case of Buying v Renting there are a few things you should consider prior to making your judgement.

Renting a wheel wash system

Renting is a non-permanent solution that is economically viable. It is safe to say that renting is an option that puts you in the driver’s seat. Renting allows flexibility and can be moulded to any site size and changed to match demand and costs. When you rent a wheel wash system you can have a weekly rental rate and the terms are flexible to an extent to fit your needs. 

In the interim renting does offer a cheaper alternative to purchasing a system and allows you to trial the product out with some flexibility. Your needs could shift rapidly and renting offers you a chance to decide what you require and when you require it. 

However, in regard to weaknesses in this argument, it cannot be ignored that the long-term solution isn’t there with renting. The system does not belong to you and if there was ever a change in financial situations you may have to go without a system. Also, if something were to happen to the system that you were renting whilst it is in your possession, the likelihood is that the owner of the system would be liable for the repairs. With that being said, if the damage is caused by you whilst renting the cost may land in your hands. 


Buying a wheel wash system

Buying is a more permanent solution that is bespoke to you. If you were to choose to purchase your wheel wash system as opposed to renting you would be able to customise your unit based on your site and needs as a business. This experience can be made easy by going to a company that you trust and who would have your best interests in mind. 

Initially, the costs are higher, like purchasing a property. As business needs change your wheel washing routine does not have to. You can maintain your vehicles at no extra costs as you have already bought the system. 

Much easier right? Some may disagree. Like renting, there are also considerations to be made when considering purchasing your system. Once you have purchased your system you may well be liable for your other costs associated with maintenance and upkeep of the system, such as general wear and tear. 


In both instances, whether buying or renting, a simple review of your insurance policies, warranties and a chat with a trusty sales representative can straighten out any worries you may have. 

Regardless of whether you chose to buy or rent your wheel wash system, you will have to consider initial and long-term costs, maintenance and your general business needs. Therefore, going to a company that you trust can really iron out any quirks, kinks and questions you may have. 

The ruling is final, buy or rent only from a trusted source.