Installation of the Agriwash Defender by Wheelwash Ltd in Japan.

Specifically designed for biosecurity, this compact drive-over system is the best defence against the spread of disease through moving vehicles.
A robust platform with optional low-profile ramps, spray bars, side screens, entry sensor, chemical dosing unit with pump and a small control panel mounted inside a control cabin that includes a 160L header tank. The Defender is a surface mounted system or available as an inset.

Automatic entry sensor activates strategically placed nozzles situated on four vertical spray bars at each corner and horizontal bar placed on the bottom ensuring total vehicle coverage. Up to 3 bar of pressure allows for consistency regardless of adverse weather conditions and the spray cycle can be optimised to meet specific site requirements. Waste water is collected in a shallow wash platform with an overflow port.

The perfect compact solution for sites where space as well as biosecurity is a major concern.


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