The wheel wash project brief

Swerock is one of Sweden’s largest suppliers of concrete, gravel and rock materials. At Swerock‘s quarry near Gothenburg, over 600 vehicles transport materials around the country every day.

The site required a robust solution which would consistently avoid any trace of mud from HGVs getting onto public roads.  


Delivering the most heavy-duty wheel wash internationally – in ten days

Despite first enquiring about the wheel wash in 2014, in 2021 Swerock were ready and needed the wheel wash to be installed on their quarry in Gothenburg almost immediately.  

However, the project had evolved dramatically over time. The wheel wash system needed to be able to cope with an even larger volume of site traffic and a broader variety of vehicles.  

Co-ordinating the project with the UK team, Martin was able to source a former rental 6M Ecowash Extra. As the vehicles in Sweden are longer, wider and heavier than those in the UK, the team installed longer entry and exit ramps, and added special connections which could be used by any of the site’s vehicle – whether it is 38m long or weighs 85 tonnes.  

The Wheelwash team were able to deliver the customised Ecowash Extra, export from the UK and through border control into Sweden within an impressive ten days.

“It’s typical for projects to be delayed and evolve over time. We can call upon our global team to source a wheel wash almost instantly, even when the projects are as complex as this!” – Martin Liljestrand, Sales representative for Sweden and Norway 



Support doesn’t stop there 

The wheel wash is collecting around seven tonnes of dirt every single day. 

Eye watering fines can be issued from local authorities should there be any trace of mud from the quarry getting onto roads. This means Swerock cannot afford their wheel wash to have any downtime.  

Adding to the complexity of this project, the nature of the quarry produces stones which create powder that turn to concrete if they dry out. If the system is not used for two hours or more, the wheel wash will get blocked. The material hardens and this would make the wheel wash unusable.  

Therefore, Wheelwash agreed an intensive servicing and maintenance agreement with the customer to ensure the system is always operating in top condition.  

There’s a full service every other week which involves a complete clean of the pumps, nozzles and cleaning of the system.  

Martin added: “If there’s been heavy rain for two days, we know the site is going to be extremely muddy. So I will work with the site, routinely checking the weather to arrange more servicing when required on top of their usual servicing.” 

Key project statistics:

  • 600 vehicles cleaned every day at peak times 
  • 40 different types of vehicles using the wheel wash  7 tonnes of mud collected every day  
  • Delivered in 10 days   
  • Waste tanks are emptied at least every two days. 

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