Getting it right: Planning your wheel wash based on the space available  

Many sites require a wheel wash system as part of their permit to work. However, typical wheel wash systems are large steel structures with settlement tanks and generators, taking up a large footprint. This may seem impossible for sites with limited space in urban areas or at egress points.

Fortunately, the Wheelwash team has extensive experience in designing wheel wash solutions that work perfectly for sites with very little space available. We design a wheel washing solution that is convenient, safe, and functional, taking into consideration the available space at your site.

We caught up with Ryan Mellor, Competent Service Engineer, and Martin Hadzik, Sales Executive, at Wheelwash as they share how the team recently designed and installed a wheel wash for a quarry in Derbyshire that had very little space available.  


The problem when the wrong wheel wash solution is installed 

Over the years, our team has visited many sites where the wheel wash that was installed was not a best-fit solution. Most wheel wash suppliers have a limited range, or they don’t manufacture their own systems, so they provide a one-size-fits-all wheel wash solution.  

Unfortunately, this leads to many safety issues, poor performance and dissatisfied customers.  

“The wheel wash has either been installed far too far away from the site egress points that vehicles end up still spreading mud onto roads. That’s a bit like having to step through a puddle to get into your house after you’ve already wiped your feet on the doormat.”  

When planning your wheel wash system, it’s important to consider a whole range of factors, such as space available, positioning, vehicle turning circles, pedestrian access, traffic flow, and types of vehicles.  


A custom-built wheel wash solution  


Martin Hadzik shared: “We designed and installed an entirely bespoke wheel wash station for this busy quarry site in Derbyshire. Due to the turning circle of the vehicles getting into the site, a wheel wash with side screens would have taken up too much of the road. So we built a solution that would clean vehicles leaving the site and not get in the way of oncoming traffic.

He added: “The spray platform doesn’t take up much room. In fact, you wouldn’t even know it was there. The wheels are coming out clean, it’s safe and it’s hassle-free.”


Insetting the wheel wash system  

For sites with very little available space, we are able to inset the system. This removes side-screens and the tanks can also be inset.  

Ryan shared: “No site is ever the same, so we tailor each wheel wash to work seamlessly.   

“The system has a drainage chute that goes under the road into the inset tank. The system also has a priming pump to make sure the pump doesn’t run dry and burn out. It’s a smart layout that’s been executed perfectly to keep the roads clean around site.” 


Get the best wheel wash: 

Wheelwash provide custom-built solutions for even the smallest of sites. This means that you don’t need to rely on reactive or costly road cleaning equipment and services such as hiring a road sweeper. 

Get a wheel wash that works for your site. 

Our automatic, high-power, high-pressure wheel cleaning technology can be adapted for your site to ensure the highest possible levels of safety and performance.   

Wheelwash designs and manufactures all our wheel wash systems in Cheshire, UK. Our expert wheel wash systems are sought after by companies all over the world, and we have a dedicated exports team and global experts who ensure the safe and secure delivery and installation of our wheel wash systems. 

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