A contractor in Nigeria commissioned Wheelwash to design, build and ship a solution that would prevent dirt and contamination from vehicles leaving a landfill site being deposited onto nearby roads.

The contractor is carrying out construction work to house hazardous waste where there will be around 25 six-eight wheelers of up to 40 Tonnes, passing through the site every day.

Jose Luis Ordas, Export Sales Co-ordinator at Wheelwash, said: “Waste management sites have a particular challenge in that there are lots of toxic substances that can stick to the wheels of vehicles. Waste management sites needs a high-performance, high-pressure wheel wash system that will effectively and efficiently remove any waste that’s stuck to the tyres of trucks to avoid the risk of contamination.”

“For this site, we suggested our 4M Ecowash Excel Plus. We customised our off-the-shelf system by insetting the design because some articulated vehicles will be using the system. This means long and low vehicles can still have all their wheels and the underbody thoroughly cleaned.”

The system was designed and manufactured from the Wheelwash headquarters in Cheshire, United Kingdom, before it was shipped in a 40ft container to the port of Tincan in Lagos, Nigeria.

To power the system, the contractor is using a generator. Water is pumped to the system from a self-built borehole that can then be reused for weeks at a time before it needs to be changed.

Bernard Gabriel, Managing Director of the waste management site, told the Wheelwash team: “The system is installed and in perfect working order.”

For more information about Ecowash Excel Plus: https://wheelwash.com/products/wheel-wash-ecowash-excel-plus/ or read about how we help waste management sites here: Vehicle wheel cleaning station for waste management sites (wheelwash.com)

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