Biosecurity is of increasing importance for businesses handling livestock. For poultry farmers, last winter was one of the most worrying as one of the worst outbreaks of Avian Influenza in history spread across the UK. 

James Charlesworth runs a poultry farm in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. He contacted Wheelwash to provide an automated solution that decontaminated every vehicle entering or exiting the site to provide peace of mind that every vehicle was thoroughly decontaminated. 

Wheelwash supplied Agriwash, a drive-through system that automatically sprays a misting of disinfectant onto the underside and tyres of every vehicle to prevent contamination of diseases such as avian influenza.  

Ian Jolly, Managing Director of Wheelwash said: “Last winter was one of the worst outbreaks of avian influenza in history. For poultry farmers, this epidemic was very worrying as the consequences of contamination on their farm would be devastating.  

“One of the main ways diseases such as avian influenza is spread is from vehicles transporting food, waste, and other livestock between farms. Agriwash gives peace of mind that the risk of contamination from vehicle wheels has been reduced.  

“Agriwash eliminates human error – site visitors can’t forget to decontaminate as it’s ‘by design’. Vehicles must drive through the system to get onto the site. And as its automated, it doesn’t require an operator, so it gives the farm complete confidence every vehicle is safely disinfected against disease.”  

Agriwash has been in place for four years and is still working to optimum efficiency. The maintenance of the system is managed by the Wheelwash engineers.  

I’ve been happy with the product. I run a busy poultry farm and need to ensure the best biosecurity measures are in place. We have two other wheel wash systems onsite, but vehicles go through our Agriwash first. The other systems don’t provide as much of a powerful mist as our Agriwash system. I chose Wheelwash because their site was local - just a mile down the road from me. The team at Wheelwash have always managed everything quickly and professionally – and that’s all you can ask for. I would certainly buy from Wheelwash again and recommend Agriwash for other farmers.

James Charlesworth

Agriwash provides a powerful misting of the underbody of vehicles entering and exiting your site. This prevents diseases from spreading.

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