The National Food Chain of Hungary first approached Wheelwash back in 2017 where they initially visited the factory to understand exactly how the products can be specifically modified to suit different site’s needs. They required a system that would disinfect cargo trucks crossing the Ukranian border into Hungary. Similar procedures have been put in place in multiple countries as a precaution against epidemics of infectious diseases harmful to both humans and animals.

Complications of the project included factoring in some very low clearance vehicles that were scraping the unit the main section. To overcome this Wheelwash introduced some extra long ramps to reduce the gradient for vehicles to enter on and off the ramp. The product was heavily modified to include overhead spray arches as well as extra wide ramps and an additional spray area.

A further challenge was that the system had to overcome the varying temperature and weather conditions in the country, so the unit had to be capable to perform in this climate.

Originally the client had a manual system in place which inflicted delays with the high volumes of vehicles passing through each day. The adapted Agriwash Enforcer presented a much more modern, efficient solution for the heavy flow of traffic across the border. The client had a relatively long timeline which made the installation a smooth process with all details looked at very carefully. However, there were strict budget constraints which were fully adhered to by the dedicated members of the Wheelwash team in order to produce the best solution for the project.

The success of this installation has resulted in a second unit being ordered for the capital city of Budapest.

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