Wheelwash’s innovative mobile road solution for clean & safe roads for a quarry in Doncaster 

Breedon’s sand, quarry, and tipping site in Doncaster, identified a risk of mud, sand, and debris being left on nearby roads from site vehicles.  

To address this safety and environmental concern, Wheelwash was approached to design, manufacture, and install a custom solution that would effectively prevent the transfer of mud and debris onto adjacent roads while fitting within the site’s existing limitations. 


A high-performance, high-pressure wheel cleaning solution  

The site experiences an average of 60 vehicle passages daily, including eight-wheel tippers, which can create extremely muddy conditions.  

To meet the site’s operational and environmental responsibility requirements, Wheelwash recommended the installation of a 4m Ecowash Excel. The Ecowash range is a state-of-the-art, high-pressure automated wheel cleaning solution that recycles water on a closed loop, reducing water usage and the carbon footprint of running the system.


Narrow lead-out road 

The site’s narrow lead-out road meant that it would be potentially dangerous to install a wheel wash directly by the road.  

Wheelwash’s team suggested adding a 16m mobile road to guide vehicles with clean wheels directly out of the site, without risking getting dirty before leaving the site.  

This solution ensured that every vehicle leaving the site was thoroughly cleaned before exit, and minimised the transfer of mud and debris onto the adjacent roads, while also being a more cost-effective alternative to tarmacking the lead-out of the site. 

The site: Narrow lead-out road with limited space



The client was impressed with Wheelwash’s recommendations and that our team delivered a wheel cleaning solution that surpassed their expectations.  

Wheelwash’s dedication to providing advanced technology to its clients had been upheld with the installation of the new wheel wash unit, which is expected to bring significant improvements to Breedon’s efficiency, safety, and sustainability practices. 

In conclusion, Wheelwash’s expertise in designing and installing wheel cleaning solutions has once again proven invaluable to its customers. With its commitment to advanced technology and sustainability, Wheelwash is a reliable partner for anyone looking for the best wheel cleaning solution for their facilities. 

Talk to our team to discuss how we can design a wheel wash solution for your site’s unique requirements. sales@wheelwash.com  


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