Wheelwash team share their favourite part of the job 

We asked a few members of the Wheelwash team what they like the most about working at this incredible, innovative UK manufacturer.  

Ian Jolly, Managing Director:  

No two days in the same. My role requires me to have a top-level understanding of all different areas of the business. I enjoy the challenge of one day tackling a production challenge and the next day talking with marketing. There is a lot of variety – the international side of the business is very active, so we reach far and wide. It requires an understanding of lots of different needs and cultures.  


Jack Cunnington, Design Engineer: 

When we build an entirely bespoke feature for a customer’s wheel wash and you see photos of it on site. We designed and built a two-metre wheel wash system last week and I saw the video of it in action. It looked brilliant. When you know that product is working it makes me happy. 


Alison Galley, Head of Sales:  

I love any job, big or small. I get as much satisfaction helping someone on a short-term hire of a wheel wash as I do some of the larger projects.  

For me, the best thing is knowing that we are supplying the best solution for the job at hand. I will not send out a wheel wash if I am not 100% certain it is going to be right. 

I work closely with our design engineers to plan the best solution. 

After the solution has been designed and the wheel wash starts being built in the factory, I then get to see it going out for delivery and see it being installed. I love it because we know we have an excellent product that is going to meet the customer’s needs. 

Our customers always say “thank you! It looks great and it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.” 

A wheel wash becomes part of their infrastructure. They are proud of their site and the investments that they have made.  


Terry, Head of Production:  

No two days are the same. Every customer challenge is different. Every day, I assign our team based on their areas of expertise and priorities. It is an interesting job.  


Want more information?  

For more information about what it is like to work at Wheelwash, follow the team and our recent projects on LinkedIn. And if you are a customer, make our day by sharing a video or photo of your wheel wash in action and tagging @WheelwashLtd into your post.