For 30 years Wheelwash Ltd has specialised in creating the most effective and efficient wheel cleaning equipment for sites across the world, homing in on common issues that our clients face daily and being the solution for the issues. We believe in being honest and trustworthy and though our systems may look a little different than they did 30 years ago our attitude has not changed.

We are passionate, perceptive and particular about our work. We know every site and every customer is unique and we make sure that we understand exactly what you need.

It really is that simple.

Frequently asked questions about wheel wash systems

There are common questions regarding wheel wash systems. Many people wonder.

“Where does all the mud and silt go when the wheels are washed?”
“How can I fit a wheel wash system on my small site?”
“Is there enough water pressure to clean 100 vehicles per day?”
Questions like these are bound to come up, especially if this is your first wheel wash system. We encourage our clients to have questions so we can best suit your needs for the right wheel wash system.

Without your questions, we would not know where your concerns, as a business, lay.

Therefore, we at Wheelwash are set apart from the rest. Instead of leaving you to your own devices to figure out these questions yourself, we are there from start to finish. We encourage you to talk to our dedicated team members who can ease your concerns and answer your questions in the interim and throughout the life span of your wheel wash system.

Our modular concept approach continues to offer some of the most economical, efficient and flexible systems available backed by our consultative approach. All of our models are rigorously tested, and regular reviews are carried out on-site, ensuring our equipment can deliver for you every time. With an attentive approach to after-sales maintenance, we ensure you get a Wheelwash system that is built to last.

Do not let a simple question go unanswered, trust us, we know.





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