Don’t have access to water or power on your site? Here’s how waterless, powerless wheel cleaning systems work

On some sites, access to conventional resources like water and electricity may be limited or non-existent, posing challenges for traditional wheel cleaning methods. This is where waterless and powerless wheel wash systems come into play, offering innovative alternatives tailored to address such constraints.

Whether it’s remote construction sites or environmentally sensitive areas, these systems provide essential support by ensuring effective wheel cleaning practices without reliance on traditional resources. In this discussion, we’ll explore the significance of waterless and powerless wheel wash systems, examining their vital role in maintaining road cleanliness and adhering to regulatory standards, even in the most challenging environments.

Why you need an Ecoramp

For sites with access to water and power, the Ecowash range stands as an unparalleled option, boasting high-pressure capabilities and exceptional performance.

Ecowash not only delivers efficiency but also champions sustainability by recycling water, rendering it an environmentally responsible choice. However, for remote locations devoid of water and power infrastructure, alternative solutions become imperative.

Enter the Ecoramp system—a revolutionary waterless wheel cleaning solution that operates without electricity. Engineered to combat heavy mud and debris accumulation on vehicle wheels, Ecoramp has garnered acclaim among numerous remote sites worldwide.


How effective is Ecoramp?

Ecoramp is made up of two road sections for wheels of the vehicle to drive onto. Two ramps assist entry and access to the system. 

The heavy-duty steel structure can resist 10,000 Kilos per axle, but we can adjust the design to work for you.  

The Ecoramp system works by using rumble strips to flex the tyre treads, releasing dirt and other debris.  

Rumble grids are designed to gently vibrate a vehicle as it rides over it, removing debris from the wheels of the vehicle. By expanding the tread of the tyres, lodged dirt is removed. This helps to reduce the environmental impact of your project and keep nearby roadways clean. 

Ecoramp is available in both 18m and 22m lengths to allow for three or four full-wheel rotations. As we have our own manufacturing facility, we can extend this even further or fabricate an entirely bespoke system.  

Ecoramp is a popular choice for construction sites and national parks. It can be both above ground as portable stations or inset into the ground.  

Ecoramp is a portable, cost effective, and virtually maintenance-free units that remove mud, dirt and debris from the tyres of job site vehicles.  

When placed at the egress points of construction sites, Ecoramp can provide substantial savings on job-site clean-up costs. 


Try Ecoramp:

For remote sites that need to comply with local authority regulations but don’t have access to water or power, talk to Wheelwash today about Ecoramp: Ecoramp | Non-Powered Dry Wheel Wash System | Rumble Grids