[Meeting customers: Martin at Hillhead in 2022]

1. What is your role at Wheelwash?

My role involves helping new customers to get the perfect wheel wash for their site. This involves lots of travelling to remote and interesting locations across the country to assess the site, scoping out their wheel wash requirements, and then also working with our engineering team to ensure the customer needs are met and that they can design the perfect solution.


2. Describe your job in three words:

Patient, reactive, unpredictable.


3. Funniest moment whilst at Wheelwash?

Alison and I were visiting a customer site and she was standing on our wheel wash which has an automatic sensor on it which sprays high-pressure water to clean the vehicles. She got completely soaked.


4. Tell us about you:

I grew up in Crewe, Cheshire. I now live with my partner Emily, daughter Leah and son Taylor, have Sprollie puppy, and two cats.


5. Favourite movie?

Lion King.


6. When are you happiest?

When I was younger I always wanted to be a Sports Coach, so now when I get to coach my son’s football team it’s a real joy.


7. Do you have any secret talents?

During COVID -19 lockdown I learned joinery and actually made a King Size Bed.


8. Who is your hero?

My brother, Steven.


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