If you’re using an Ecowash system and your site is shutting down for the festive break, implementing these 4-steps will help to safeguard your machinery from potential issues and also contribute to a seamless restart when operations resume after the holiday break.

How to switch off your wheel wash

Step 1: Disconnect all hoses starting with the main feed to the base 3”, then release to 2, 2” hoses so that the side pipes can drain. This includes the hose from the return pump to the tank.


Step 2: Open the 2” quarter turn valves on the end of the side pipes, if fitted.

Step 3: Ensure that the power is left on to the panel and all switches to the wash pump and the return pumps are in the off position, this will ensure that the pumphouse heater is functional if fitted. Thermostat should be set at a minimum 10 degrees.


Step 4: Shut the feed valve between the tank and wash pump. Drain the wash pump to prevent damage. Some are fitted with a drain plug, if not then simply loosen the bolts on the connection


  • If mains water feed is fitted make sure that it is protected against frost.
  • It may help to place a float inside the tank to prevent surface water freezing