Preparing your wheel wash for Winter


Get your wheel wash ready for winter


Just as you might prepare your car for the winter season with adaptations like snow tires and antifreeze, it’s equally vital to ensure that your wheel wash is ready to face the challenges of the impending winter.


With thick mud, icy conditions, and treacherous roads ahead, adapting your wheel wash system is essential for maximum efficacy and performance. Here’s a comprehensive guide to getting your wheel wash winter-ready.


1. Thorough Clean-Out: The very first step in winter preparation is arranging a thorough clean-out. The Wheelwash team can organise this on your behalf, ensuring that your system starts the season fresh and free from any accumulated dirt or debris.


2. Maintenance:

The Wheelwash team are on-hand to ensure routine checks have been completed. An engineer will review components, including nozzles, pumps, and brushes, and ensure they are in good working condition. They’ll also help to replace any worn-out parts to guarantee smooth operation throughout the winter.


3. Regular Inspections:

Schedule regular inspections during the winter months to promptly identify and address any issues that may arise due to the cold weather. Early detection and maintenance can prevent larger problems down the line.


4. Adjust Settings:

Modify the settings of your wheel wash system to accommodate the specific challenges of winter. For instance, consider increasing the cleaning pressure to effectively tackle thicker and more stubborn mud.


5. Temperature Considerations:

To ensure that your wheel wash system can function optimally even in lower temperatures, you may want to insulate or install heaters if necessary to prevent freezing, which can disrupt the system’s operation. Read more on our guide to managing your wheel wash in extreme conditions.


6. Emergency Measures:

In case of unexpected issues or emergencies during winter, remember that you can always get in touch with the Wheelwash team. We have extensive experience in assisting with emergency situations, providing you with support when you need it most.


Don’t wait until the winter weather sets in to address these essential preparations. By taking proactive steps now, you can ensure that your wheel wash system operates at its best, keeping your vehicles clean and safe in the face of winter’s challenges.


Contact Wheelwash today to schedule a winter readiness assessment and make the necessary adjustments for a trouble-free season.