How to get an environmentally friendly wheel wash 

Every business today is under pressure to minimise the negative impact that their machinery and operations have on the natural environment.  

So when it comes to wheel washing, here’s how we design our systems to optimise use of natural resources to minimise impact on the environment.  


1. Reduce 

We build our systems to last. Before we build your system, we’ll survey exactly what you need it for, the elements it will need to withstand, the types of vehicles etc. This means we build a solution around you. And our British, quality engineering and manufacturing process, focus on continuous improvement, and customer-centricity means that our wheel wash systems stand the test of time. This bespoke, custom approach minimises wastage because we build your wheel wash system properly and we maintain it to ensure it will continue to work for you as long as you need it.  


2. Reuse 

We have access to the largest rental fleet of wheel wash systems. If renting it right for your needs, we can supply you with a used wheel wash system. Any customisations, repairs and adjustments are made at our factory in Cheshire so that once your wheel wash arrives, it will look and work like it is new.  

If you only need your wheel wash for a certain period, we also offer a buyback scheme. Your wheel wash can be reused by other companies for years and years.  


3. Recycle

All our systems that use water incorporate water recycling features. On our Ecowash range, water falls through the grids, dirt is filtered off to the settlement tanks, so water is continually reused. By recycling water this minimises impact on the environment.  


4. Recover 

Washing the wheels of hundreds of trucks which can weigh over 120 tonnes could result in some wear and tear on parts over time. We aim to keep your system in optimum condition with a preventive service and maintenance care package. We also offer a repair and replacement service if something does go wrong. Our commitment to seeing you succeed with our wheel wash systems and ensure they are operational means your system will stand the test of time.  


5. Minimise 

Almost all of our suppliers are located within 100 miles of our factory Headquarters in Cheshire. We use British steel for almost all parts of our wheel wash system. Our local, short supply chain doesn’t just minimise impact on the environment, it means we support local business.  


Questions about how we reduce our impact on the environment? Or perhaps have an idea on how we could improve further?  

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