The Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on the current climate, putting into perspective how important the reduction of cross-contamination is.  This has caused multiple industries to review their current way of working, increasing protection for their employees and their businesses.

Market-leaders, Wheelwash, has specialised in creating the most effective and efficient vehicle cleaning equipment for sites for over 30 years. From UK construction sites to Australian quarries, Wheelwash aims to provide the best solution possible to prevent dirt, debris and cross-contamination.

Wheelwash has seen a surge in enquiries for the Agriwash Disinfection Range which is ideal for helping to reduce the spread of potential infection.

In particular, the Agriwash Defender has already improved biosecurity in countries such as Japan, UK Hungary and the Middle East. It is already being used in numerous sectors including pig & poultry farms, fisheries, food production, border controls, and many more locations. This compact drive-over system is the best defence against the spread of disease by eliminating the spread as soon as the tyres roll over the system.

The system allows traceability of vehicles by choosing the 2-way activation sensor within the control cabin, that not only sprays vehicles entering the site, it also sprays vehicles exiting the site, increasing all round protection. The automatic entry sensor activates strategically placed nozzles situated on four vertical spray bars at each corner and horizontal bar placed on the bottom ensuring total vehicle coverage. Up to 3 bar of pressure allows for consistency regardless of adverse weather conditions and the spray cycle can be optimised to meet specific site requirements. The amount of chemical sprayed is controlled by the site manager, which can be diluted and controlled through an adjustable dosing system. The chemical dosing unit is on all models within the Agriwash Range making it an ideal solution for different site conditions.

Wheelwash has been continuing to manufacture and give advice on systems throughout the pandemic, working accordingly to the latest government guidelines ensuring all employees can work safely.

For further advice on the full range of Agriwash Disinfection systems, contact the Wheelwash experts.

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