Wheelwash designs and delivers bespoke wash bay


Introducing Wheelwash Wash Bays: Enhancing Vehicle Cleaning Efficiency and Environmental Compliance

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of our bespoke Wash Bays range at Wheelwash.

This innovative product range is designed to prevent water contamination during vehicle and equipment cleaning, ensuring environmental compliance,  and efficient operations.

Kayak river biofouling cleaning system

Why Wash Bay?

Our Wash Bay is the ideal solution for cleaning heavy equipment, plant yard machinery, and vehicles while safeguarding waterways and drains from contaminated water pollution. With our mobile and modular wash bay system, businesses can meet environmental regulations, prevent soil pollution, and avoid drainage contamination.


Contaminant Control and Run-Off Water Containment

Preventing water contamination is a vital aspect of environmental responsibility. The Wash Bay system helps businesses comply with UK Environmental Acts, including the Environmental Protection Act 1990, Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010, and the Water Industry Act 1991.

The Wash Bay effectively controls contaminants by allowing pressure cleaning of equipment, with the run-off water collected in the sump. Debris settles while the remaining water is drained or pumped through the unit’s integral oil interceptor to a public sewer or optional settlement tank. This promotes responsible water management and reduces environmental impact.


Wash Bay Design and Benefits

Our Wash Bay boasts a robust, free-standing, and modular design that requires no civil works for installation, making it cost-effective. It features a water treatment system, closed-loop mechanism for water recycling, electrical and plumbing connections, and collection trays for discharge and water recycling. Built with galvanized steel, it ensures durability, longevity, and compliance with environmental legislation.

By choosing our Wash Bay, businesses enjoy numerous benefits. These include environmental compliance, a fully modular design for customization, zero discharge when used with a water recycling system, and no need for civil works. Additionally, the option to recycle 100% of water makes it a self-contained, eco-friendly solution suitable for various industries.


Custom Wash Bays

At Wheelwash, we understand that different industries have unique requirements. That’s why we offer custom-designed Wash Bays to suit your specific needs. With various sizes available, we can accommodate surrounding areas, existing structures, space limitations, and industry demands.


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