Alison Galley Image

Alison Galley

Head of Sales

Martin Hadzik  Image

Martin Hadzik

Sales Executive

Jose Luis Ordas  Image

Jose Luis Ordas

Export Sales Co-Ordinator

Ian Jolly Image

Ian Jolly

Managing Director

Sharon Mclean Image

Sharon Mclean

Head of Support Services

Tiffany Payne Image

Tiffany Payne

Sales and Customer Service Coordinator

Laurel Hoare Image

Laurel Hoare

Operations Coordinator

Karen Arrowsmith Image

Karen Arrowsmith

Support Desk Administrator

Jack Cunnington Image

Jack Cunnington

Senior Design Engineer

Fred Bentley Image

Fred Bentley

Senior Service Engineer

Nauris Mazionis Image

Nauris Mazionis

Field Service Engineer

Ryan Mellor Image

Ryan Mellor

Field Service Engineer