Combatting the growing risk of disease contamination across borders

Since 1940, over 300 new infectious diseases have emerged. Almost three-quarters of these diseases have been traced back to starting in wildlife. With the threat of diseases increasing year on year, it’s important to put in place steps to mitigate the risk of contamination. (List sources)  

When new diseases are discovered, it often follows that controls are put in place to mitigate spread. However, this is often after an outbreak has been detected. Biosecurity at borders and ports can prevent the spread of diseases before they become global epidemics.  


Proactive disease prevention at borders and ports 

It’s never been harder to contain the spread of diseases. Millions of vehicles cross borders every day, across every part of the world. It’s never been easier to trade, travel, and transport goods globally. Yet it has never been harder to contain the spread of diseases. 

Cargo and domestic vehicles are a significant risk for transmitting diseases.  


Border control adopting vehicle decontamination systems 

As a preventative measure to reduce the risk of contamination between countries, border control agencies are placing Agriwash systems to decontaminate vehicles before they enter a country.  

This biosecurity control helps to prevent the spread of diseases by misting each vehicle from high-risk locations with a decontamination solution.  


Request a call with our team to discuss using Agriwash as a biosecurity tool at borders and ports.  


FAQs on our port and border vehicle decontamination units:

  • How many vehicles can the Agriwash system decontaminate?

    Agriwash vehicle disinfection takes a matter of seconds, enabling potentionally thousands of vehicles to be decontaminated over the period of a day.

  • How do I install Agriwash?

    Agriwash is portable, easy to install and quick to maintain. It’s also robust and resilient, designed for heavy duty environments.

  • What types of vehicles does Agriwash decontaminate?

    Any vehicle can be decontaminated – from large HGVs to cars. Vehicles simply drive over the system and it automatically provides a misting on the underside of vehicles.