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A buyer’s guide to wheel washes: 9 factors influencing the cost of your wheel wash

Corporate  09/11/2021

Alison and Karen at Wheelwash Ltd share 9 crucial factors we need to know to cost your wheel wash.

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Wheel wash problems, solved.

Technical  23/05/2021

We are passionate, perceptive and particular about our work… 

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To Buy or to Rent a Wheel Wash System

Technical  03/05/2021

Renting is a non-permanent solution that is economically viable. It is safe to say that renting is an option that puts you in the driver’s seat.

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Helping to prevent Bird Flu

Technical  19/10/2020

The threat of avian influenza has huge implications. Therefore prevention methods such as the installation of a wheel washing system and a boot wash system can help to prevent the transmission.

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Construction site wheel wash: Planning your wheel wash

Technical  29/09/2020

Getting the right wheel wash for your construction site is crucial in the planning and execution of your project. Here’s how we help you to get the right wheel wash for your construction site. 

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