Wheel wash for construction sites

Construction sites are busy places – from equipment brought into the site, materials taken from the site, and people moving around the site, it’s all crucial activity for getting the job done. Inevitably, all this site traffic creates mud – especially during the rainier seasons.   

The Health and Safety Executive requires construction sites to prevent site mud from being deposited onto public roads and highways.  

A wheel wash is a well-recognised method for preventing mud from getting onto public roads. The Considerate Constructor Scheme best practice hub frequently recommends sites using wheel wash systems. 

Wheelwash have supplied the largest construction companies in the UK and construction companies across the globe with our expert bespoke wheel wash systems.  

Our team plan, design, build, deliver and maintain your wheel wash to meet your unique site’s needs. We combine new technology with our experience to provide you with the most environmentally friendly system that will also meet your needs.  

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Construction sites across the UK use Wheelwash


FAQs from our construction site customers:

  • How much mud can a wheel wash remove from construction site traffic?

    Wheelwash has designed and manufactured the wheel wash systems for most major construction projects. Visit most construction sites in the UK and it’s likely your vehicle’s wheels will be cleaned by a Wheelwash system when you leave the site. To name a few, we have supplied Kier, HS2, Hanson, Skanska and Balfour Beatty. Some of our wheel wash systems remove seven tonnes of mud daily from hundreds of lorries and trucks.

  • Which wheel wash is best for construction sites?

    The best wheel wash for your construction site will depend on the site location, volume, type of traffic, space available, whether you need it installed inground etc. When you contact us, we will discuss and advise the best wheel wash for your requirements.

  • How does a wheel wash support the Considerate Constructors Scheme?

    Wheelwash is constantly striving to build a highly sustainable business model. We work with you to ensure the system is effective, whilst minimising its impact on the environment. Our research and development team continually review how we can reduce, reuse and recycle natural resources. For example, Ecobath is a completely powerless wheel wash system and enables water to be reused. Every Wheelwash wheel wash is built with the highest level of quality. We also offer a buyback scheme if you no longer need to use the system.

  • Why not use a road sweeper?

    A road sweeper is a reactive way to clean up mud which is already on the roads. A wheel wash is a proactive tool which prevents mud ever getting onto public roads.