Combatting the growing risk of disease contamination across borders

Preventing Equine Influenza with Agriwash:  


With only 40% of the UK’s horses currently vaccinated against Equine Influenza1, it’s important to put in place biosecurity controls to prevent contamination at your yard.  

Equine influenza is a very contagious flu virus that causes symptoms such as elevated temperature, depression, loss of appetite etc. These side effects can last for up to six weeks, which is unpleasant for the horses, but could also be expensive if you rely on your horses for commercial uses – such as riding, racing or dressage.  

Disinfecting all vehicle wheels and wheel arches is a biosecurity measure which helps to mitigate the risk of diseases such as equine influenza.  

Systems such as Agriwash have been designed to automate the process of decontaminating vehicles. Agriwash vehicle wheel disinfection systems ensure all site traffic, such as feed trucks, waste vehicles, and employee cars are misted before it arrives onsite. This reduces the risk of transportation vehicles bringing harmful pathogens into your yard and making your horses unwell. 

Unlike other disinfectant systems, Agriwash provides a powerful misting of the entire underside of the vehicle. It doesn’t need a human operator – Agriwash systems use a sensor to detect when a vehicle is present and automatically provides an even misting as the vehicles drives through.  

Agriwash can be installed either set into the ground like a cattle grid / drive over gate system or can be simply placed anywhere. Simply add your decontamination solution of choice, place Agriwash at your site entrance, and our team can maintain the system on your behalf.  

For more information about installing an Agriwash system at your equestrian facility, contact the team:  

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Agriwash Mini brochure

Agriwash mini is ideal for small equestrian centres. It's compact and portable design mean its easy to install in even the smallest locations.

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Agriwash Defender brochure

For larger equestrian sites with more traffic, Agriwash defender will help to decontaminate every vehicle before it enters your site.

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Agriwash Enforcer brochure

Agriwash Enforcer is a powerful, high performance vehicle disinfectant system ideal for very busy sites.

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