Wheelwash sectors

Our extensive experience in roads, rail, ports and airports has seen us support major projects including works at London 2012 Olympics, Heathrow Terminal 5, A14 Road project, Crossrail and HS2.

With increased compliance regulations in this sector, you can rest assured Wheelwash has the expertise and experience to deploy systems that will keep your site running safely to meet legal requirements. We operate in environments ranging from nuclear plants, refineries and water treatment facilities, to wind and solar farms.

Designed to effectively clean a range of vehicle types and deliver bespoke solutions to handle high volumes of site traffic. Our wheel washing solutions are tailored to your specific needs, whether your site manages coal or lime, open cast or underground mining, 60 or 600 vehicles a day. Request a free quotation to talk to our team and learn more about our wheel cleaning systems.

From landfill to recycling, our systems are built to tackle even the most challenging waste sites. Our experience in this sector, and also in the field of green energy and biofuels, means we are well equipped to support in your waste management operations.

We proudly provide environmentally friendly wheel cleaning systems to the construction industry, for housing, hospitals, schools and many other projects. No matter how big or small the project, public safety and the environment are our top priorities.

Agriwash sectors

Our systems support the complete food supply chain from farm to fork, preventing the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of disease on-site in piggeries, hatcheries, farms and food processing factories.

Specifically designed to protect farm traffic from spreading debris and disease from farm vehicle tyres, our systems operate in the arable, livestock and poultry & dairy industries.

Our solutions can assist in avoiding seed contamination and help with cleanup after devastating forest fires.

Agriwash products are designed and adapted for ease of manoeuvrability to suit individual sites, including fisheries, to ensure the safety and hygiene of these environments.

Our expertise in wheel wash systems takes us across borders. Our port and border decontamination units help to make sure all import and export cargo vehicles are uncontaminated when transporting to different countries.