Sistemas compactos y portátiles de desinfección automática para evitar la transmisión de enfermedades a través de los neumáticos de vehículos. Ideal para granjas, pesquerías, mataderos, mercados de ganado y más.

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Agriwash is unique. Designed for use in numerous sectors including pig & poultry farms, fisheries, abattoirs, border controls, and many more locations. It’s a completely surface mounted system that can either be easily moved from one location to another to offer complete flexibility or inset into a prepared foundation.

Its strategic nozzle configuration covers the complete outer and undercarriage of a vehicle’s wheel and chassis, including those of articulated wagons, while its galvanised side screens and shallow collection tray beneath the wash deck collect and retain any contaminated water for safe and controlled disposal – a key feature of this advanced system.

Our Agriwash systems have been developed in collaboration with customers, providing some of the most user-friendly and robust systems on the market.